39% of employees believe there is not enough collaboration

97% of employees and executives believe lack of alignment within a team impacts the outcome of a task or project.

The recipe for an effective team

  • Aligning the organization purpose, team targets and individual goals
  • Put together a balanced team, of different talents and various characters
  • Taking care of a safe environment where critical contributions and innovation is welcome
  • Produce a workflow with the right tools and smooth processes, so people can do their job properly

Our 3 step approach

1. Finding the team strengths

Firstly we will some fact finding about the different characters and strengths of your team members. Next to discover the personal interests and business goals to see if they are aligned. Also finding the work circumstances such as organizational interactions and available systems and processes.

2. Advice on better collaboration

Based on our fact findings we will offer you an analyses of your typical team and how to improve collaboration. Next we will offer the possible scenarios on how to align your team with the systems and processes to be more efficient in their work .

3. Coaching to bring it on

We know which direction to go with your team and now it has to be executed. The HBC coach will assist team members to implement these improvements during their daily work. With human coaching and advice about the daily actions for better collaboration and efficiency.

What team operational effectiveness is about

The effectiveness of your team is based on various human and business elements. When you know where the hick up is in the team, the improvements can be huge. It’s about knowing the facts and how to use these in the most optimal construct, aligned with the business goals. As Happy Business Coaching we offer a holistic view on how to make progress with new and existing teams.

The benefits of a good functioning team

As a result your team-members will work with higher motivation, more focus, better communications, be more socially aware and more. Also as team leader or department manager you will have a clear picture how to lead. The outcome is that your team will be more customer driven, have a clear picture on who is doing what, and have the right tools to make it all happen!

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