only 23 % of employees can apply their company values in daily practice

67 % of employees are not engaged with their company

Define your culture for engaged employees

  • Define a clear statement of your dot at the horizon and how to achieve this
  • Which values are important in your organization and align this with your people
  • Offer a consistent employee experience throughout their career
  • Be transparent and communicate all these values internally and externally

Our 3 step approach

1. Find the employee experience

We will find out how your employees experience the culture in your company. Sending out our survey will give the first benchmark to work with. The topics we cover are: purpose, mission, vision, engagement, culture, values, well being.

2. Setting a course for enhancement

We analyze the facts found in the survey and come with possible explanations about the present culture status in your company. Offering concepts on how to improve and enhance. Co-creating a strategy to make a plan on how to improve the employee experience within your company.

3. Accompany management during the roll-out

The findings and advice have to be implemented into your organization and departments. We coach your business leaders and department managers during the implementation process on how to make cultural improvements.

Our view on organization culture

Culture is about the norms, values, ethics and more, within your organization. Especially how this is perceived by your employees and let’s not forget, by your clients. If the company culture is not aligned with the values of your people, or at least they don’t know what your company stands for, the communications and work effectiveness will be much lower.

Your benefits on culture awareness

A shared company culture is a competitive advantage. These days the market demands a standpoint how your company is dealing with human values and making impact in society. As such you will attract the talents and clients that fit your company in a more easy and natural way.

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