My passion is to inspire entrepreneurs, managers, employees and other human beings, to provide innovative insights for a growth strategy in business and life. My name is Hans van de Rakt of Happy Business Coaching.

Hans van de Rakt

My 40 years of working experience, contains job functions in sales and marketing, and 22 years as entrepreneur. My first endeavour as entrepreneur was founding a publishing company to launch a TV Guide. I started this in another country: Aruba (also known as One Happy Island…) This with a product and in an industry, of which I had no knowledge or experience in at all, but it was a resounding success. After this business adventure I returned to The Netherlands and started my next company: MarketShare International. Here I performed many Business Development projects for clients in ICT, Software, Telecom, Media and the Education industry and others. This for small companies, scale-ups and larger enterprises in The Netherlands and International.

During the year I experienced beautiful life adventures. Seeing both the ups and downs of life. As such I developed a serious interest in psychology and spirituality and studied a lot about personal development and growth. This has given me the beautiful insights as a human being, and gave me more meaning and purpose in life.

I use this unique mix of Business Experience & Life Wisdom, to help you get a grip (again) on your situation and experience success and happiness

If you want to know more details about my career, education, projects etc. please check out my linkedin profile

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