For you as an entrepreneur these are exciting times. So I’m asking you, what keeps you awake at night, or what can I wake you up for?

  • The negative events that already happened > or good ideas and solutions that positively change your work & life?
  • That your business is stagnating and you don’t know what to do > or someone who gives you a push in the right direction?
  • You experience turmoil, confusing and repetitive thoughts > or someone who shows you the reality and gives you a clear overview?

Based on my experience, knowledge and wisdom I offer you unique coaching solutions that bring you Success and Happiness

Hans van de Rakt – Crisis Advice

Crisis Advice

You’re in a crisis and you want a solution NOW. You don’t know exactly how this situation came about and you have no idea how to get out of this. I’ll help you quickly and well with direct actions. Motivating you to move on. So get in touch before it’s really too late!

Hans van de Rakt – Succes & Happiness Coaching

Succes & Happiness Coaching

With my three step approach I help you get grip (again) on your work and life. I inspire you with a fresh perspective on your situation. With honest feedback that wakes you up and makes you think. Give you focus and motivation. Pushes you into the action so that you will experience happiness and success.

Hans van de Rakt – your personal mentor

Balanced Life Mentorship

As an entrepreneur, it is sometimes lonely at the top. Your private life seems to come second. But how much longer are you going to keep this up? As your personal mentor, I’ll make sure you live with energy and motivation again. For peace in yourself and a good work-life balance.

This is what clients say about my Coaching:

Although we’ve only had two short sessions, Hans helped me to look into my business from another perspective and improved many things. 
Independant Designer – Eindhoven

Hans can be tenacious and focussed. He thinks about creative ways to find solutions for sometimes difficult problems
Director – The Hague

Although it was a short session, Hans was able to give some useful information by mainly asking the right questions
Co-Founder – Utrecht

Hans proved to be quick in analysing our commercial strategy and helped us to redefine the business / marketing positioning of our company.
Business Owner – Almere

Hans has co-developped our repositioning of productmatrix and new business concept for life tech products. His ideas, experience and perseverance made it possible to start developing our public space market.
Business Owner – Vianen

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