the Facts

It’s imperative to know the actual status. Not assuming or having a biased opinion. At Happy Business Coaching we like to do this Reality Check first

Company facts: the big picture

Are people leaving your company more then average? Is the level of performance low? Do people (not) know what the company goals are?

We will find the facts about how employees experience your company. Covering the main topics such as Engagement, Well Being and Culture.

The outcome of our survey will give you the opportunity to streamline your company culture with employee values. To let them know you care and take action.

Team facts: what’s working

Do you know why your team is not collaborating well? Is the team output low and the process time and budget increases?

Discover what makes your team tick. What the different character strengths are of each team member. How leadership is experienced.

The insights will give you the tools to improve team collaboration. By empowering each team member and sync this with the proper tools and processes for an effective team.

Personal facts: a deep dive

When people do not perform as expected, what could be the reason? Does their typical character and skills really fit their job?

With a personal assessment you will know the character strengths of your employee(s) To be aware what they find important in work and life.

By knowing these facts, you can have a better onboarding process. Keeping them happy during their career and let hem thrive.

Let’s talk about finding the facts

By taking assessments or surveys we will discover the typical assets of individuals and teams in your organization. These facts are the first indicators for enhancement.

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