Do you work to live a good life, or do you live to work? Are you reacting on whatever comes at your path, or do you define your goals and take action. If you are not living conciousely, you might end up with a Burn-out.

Transformation is around the corner with some extra help. I will mentor you by listening to your doubts and questions, and give you honest and constructive feedback. To define a strategy for growth in work and life.

Our talks are on a regular basis. From once in two weeks, or a every day (online) session, this depending on your needs and situation. For direct feedback on problems and mirroring on your ideas and thoughts.

My mentoring is based on experience, wisdom and knowledge. Having 40 years of working experience including the successess and failures that comes with it. Also I did a research on the success and happiness factors. So I know where the pitfalls are and the positive elements, to help you to take the right decisions and thus avoiding costly mistakes.

One session is 100,- euro, per session of 60 minutes. More sessions are recommendable to make real progress, Prior our collaboration we will agree on costs and a timeframe that suits your situation.

As a result you know what to do, how to act and when. So you will feel secure, powerful and happy (again) With a renewed motivation and drive, you perform better as before.

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