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Happy Business Coaching is offering the fact checks, advice and coaching to accomplish happiness and success at work. We assist HR Managers, Team Managers and Business Executives to let their people thrive at their workplace.

Our solutions can be applied to new hires during their first steps in their new job, enhance the skills of more experienced employee’s, and assist senior managers to make the right decisions in their work and life.

We assist by using the soft -human- skills of employees, and intertwine these with the rational -business- means of a company. Adjusting and balancing these two main components, so the results for both employee and employer will be with a maximum result.




Use your typical and unique character to move forward in your working life. Synchronize the rational ambitions of your company with your authentic personality.


What makes you happy and what means succes to you. Do you need succes first, to be happy? Is it money and status or just feeling good and fulfilled.


Use your personal values to connect with the company culture. What is important for you as an individual and how do you connect with what your company stands for.

MY story

After various jobs and doing many projects, I felt disappointed in the quality of life and work. Although having some less positive thoughts now and then, I always had a smile on my face. Searching for solutions like reading a lot of books, listening to advice from family, talking with (business) friends, writing in my journal and more. During these years I learned two things: work and your personality cannot be separated, and secondly, quality of life at work is the leading motivator.

I decided to take a step forward and to be who I really am. Bundling all my experiences in work and life, the self learned skills and the perseverance to start the new Happy Business Coaching .21 version. To help you and others with the best content and the best coaching available. To enjoy life at work!

Hans van de Rakt
Founder and Director of Happy Business Coaching

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