this is what I do


Using all my knowledge, wisdom, creativity and analytical talents, for you to be succesful and happy

and this is what I don’t do

tell you fairytales, offering “free” webinars or subscriptions, writing books, spam you with e-mails.

There are others who can do this much better than I do.

because I help you with

define a strategy how to reach your goals | balancing ambition and authenticity | create original marketing concepts | designing new business models | solving team disturbances | empower you and your team |smoothout business processes | give you work-life balance | and more, but foremost inspire you for growth!

and that’s why
people say

Hans can be tenacious and focussed. He thinks about creative ways to find solutions for sometimes difficult problems.

Director – The Hague

Although we’ve only had two short sessions, Hans helped me to look into my business from another perspective and improved many things. 

Independent Designer – Eindhoven

so what are you
waiting for

let’s have coffee

I understand if you want to know more. Who is this Coach and what can he contribute to me, my team or business. Plan an introduction meeting (live or online) We talk about your challenges in business and life, and allow me to introduce myself to you.
I can smell the coffee…

plan a coaching session

Don’t wait any longer and start doing instead of thinking about it too much. If you feel lost, full of questions, lack of meaning, need fresh input for your work or business. Book a coaching session(s) to make some wise decisions now. Our sessions can be online or live, from 1 sessions to multiple times within 3 months.

book some inspiration

If your team or audience, are stuck and need some inspiration, I will have an interactive presentation at your office or hotspot. Giving you new insights about business and life from a different perspective. This 1 hour inspiration presentation will give you renewed energy and focus.

or give me a call

to get more information

read some articles
in the meantime

  • What do you know?
    In the early days it was about WHAT you know. Meaning, which facts and figures have you learnt and do you know by heart. You remember the adagio “knowledge is power” ? Now the internet gives you the possibility to find all kind of information anytime you want. This kind of static knowing has become […]
  • Co-working and Co-living
    Recently, I wrote a blog article about the trends and developments in flex-working. From the well- known commercial flexwork locations, and working at people’s homes, to work in a fully equipped work-van. This Flex-work will now get a new dimension with the latest trend: Co-Working and Co-living.  To learn more about this new concept and […]
  • Connected Working
    A lot of (older) people are familiar with the idea of going to a building every day and sit at their own desk for 8 hours or so. This is called YOUR workplace. With some personal stuff to make the working environment more cheerful, and a little more personal (bearable?) New initiatives are introduced, where […]

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