Value Manifest

Culture eats strategy for breakfast. A nice saying, but what does this mean and firstly, what is culture? Mainly culture is about norms, values, behaviors and ethics.

As a start you can write about your own values as an individual, proclaiming what you as a person find important. Next you might want to write a value manifest with your colleagues: a company value manifest.

This might be handy so everybody works on the same goals, know how to communicate with each other, and moreover, what not to do or at least what the limits are. There is also a more rational reason to have a value manifest: for example when you want to hire new people, this will attract the right candidates that match your value criteria. Also it will level out the business partners that are (not) on the same page as your company.

A company value manifest is like a human being: it’s about what your organization represents, like the (corporate) identity, what you find important, the typical characteristics, and it’s sensitivities

Please download the HBC Value Manifest as an example. This Manifest contains a broad range of topics how I see life and work in our present society. You as an entrepreneur or manager can write a value manifest what you, your company, find important. The motivation to do so can be various: for a clear goal setting, motivation and focus enhancement, find the main strengths, culture change project and more.

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