this is what I do

Using the right mix of rational business elements and soft human skills, to find the optimal strategy for you as an individual, team or organization, to be successful and happy.

and this is what I don’t do

tell you fairytales, sell you subscriptions, produce big reports, writing books, spam you with e-mails.

There are others who can do this much better than I do.

because I help you with

creating marketing concepts that match client values | define business models with impact | to be an effective leader | improve quality of service | optimize process efficiency | inspire and empower your team | taking care of your work-life balance

two client cases
as an example

An experienced Entrepreneur has been working the same way for more then 10 years. The company results deteriorated, making him uncomfortable in his work and insecure as a human being. He didn’t know what choices to make. During our coaching and advice sessions we were able to determin an alternative route based on new goals, and as such make a fresh start for growth.

Business Owner – Recruiting

A Marketing Director was not functioning well at work. The competition and the pressure to perform was too much for her. After our coaching sessions she knew how to use her talents and internal power, communicate with openess and tact, to perform as good as she can be.

Marketing Director – Education industry

and that’s why
people say

Hans can be tenacious and focussed. He thinks about creative ways to find solutions for sometimes difficult problems.

Director – The Hague

Although we’ve only had two short sessions, Hans helped me to look into my business from another perspective and improved many things. 

Independent Designer – Eindhoven

so what are you
waiting for

be the CEO of your life

Do you work to live a good life, or do you live to work? Are you reacting on whatever comes at your path, or do you define your goals and take action to it. Transformation is around the corner with some extra help. I will mentor you by listening to your doubts and questions, and give you honest and constructive feedback. My mentoring is based on experience, wisdom and knowledge. As a result you know what to do, how to act and when. So you will feel secure, powerful and happy (again)

optimize your team

Are you and your team struggling to find the best way to get things done? Needing some more efficiency and effectiviness, according your company culture and your personal values? I coach you by analyzing the soft skills like the individual personalities and company culture. Also the rational elements like processess and systems. With our interactive coaching sessions I inspire your team to work on the same goals and with smooth processes. For effectiviness and team partnership. So you all feel energized and fullfilled.

update your business

New trends and developments require you to update your business-model. Easier said than done. So how to do this? Let’s analyze your present business situation. Investigate the market needs. Match reality with your goals. Let an experienced business advisor like me give you fresh insights. Based on my experiences as entrepreneur and past business development projects for clients, I give you a new strategy for success.

all advice, coaching and mentorship is worldwide available and can be a mix of online and live interactions. Prior our project we agree on the pricing and timing, which is adjusted to your situation. Starting at 499,- euro

read my articles
in the meantime

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