I make you happy and successful

by mixing the rational (business) elements with the soft (human) skills, to define a growth strategy for you, your team or organization to be successfull and happy

this is what I do for you

align technology, processes and people for an effective organization | set-up and deploy employee onboarding | creating customer centered working methods | improve team performance | bring work-life balance | inspire you with smart ideas for business innovations |

examples of
improvement projects

An experienced Entrepreneur has been working the same way for more then 10 years. The company results deteriorated, making the director uncomfortable in his work and insecure as a human being. He didn’t know what choices to make. During our coaching and advice sessions we were able to determin an alternative business route based on new goals, and as such make a fresh start for growth.

Business Owner – Recruiting

A Marketing Director was not doing well at work. The competition and the pressure to perform was too much for her. After our coaching sessions she knew how to use her talents and internal power, to communicate with openess and tact, and as a result she performed as good as she could be.

Marketing Director – Education industry

this is what
people say

Hans can be tenacious and focussed. He thinks about creative ways to find solutions for sometimes difficult problems.

Director – The Hague

Although we’ve only had two short sessions, Hans helped me to look into my business from another perspective and improved many things. 

Independent Designer – Eindhoven

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    The hire of new personnel can be daunting. It’s a profession by itself. The HR. Manager might fall into the trap that his job is done when the application process is finished. The file of the new employee will be forwarded to the assigned department-head, and case closed. Actually this is the moment where the […]
  • Value Manifest
    Culture eats strategy for breakfast. A nice saying, but what does this mean and firstly, what is culture? Mainly culture is about norms, values, behaviors and ethics. As a start you can write about your own values as an individual, proclaiming what you as a person find important. Next you might want to write a […]
  • Burn-Out?
    A qualitative study to find the causes of Burn-Out. This scientific research has been carried out in close cooperation with Utrecht University. The infographic is downloadable, the underlying report can be obtained on request

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